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Expansion foam


application areas

For insulating, filling and isolating window connections, pipe penetrations, wall openings and cavities


  • Good filling capacity
    • Good adhesion to most construction substrates (except PE, PP, PTFE and silicone)
      • Good dimensional stability (hardly any shrinkage or post-squeezing)
        • Good thermal and acoustic insulation
          • Not UV resistant

            Processing instructions

            The substrate must be stable and free from dirt, loose parts, oils, grease and release agents. No adhesion to PE, PTFE and silicone. Porous, absorbent substrates such as e.g. Sand-lime brick, gypsum walls and aerated concrete must be pre-treated with Primer S150 Porous (Art. No. 9 057775). Cover adjacent surfaces with tape or foil to prevent contamination. Screw the adapter with the extension hose firmly onto the valve as far as it will go. After processing, slide the extension tube in the receiving direction and over the sealing lip. Make sure it is firmly seated. To reuse, pull the extension tube off the sealing lip.

            Technical specifications

            colorlight ivory
            Tack-free after7.5 mins
            Can be cut to30 min
            Base1K polyurethane
            reaction to fireB2
            Joint sound insulation at 10 + 20 mm joint58dB
            thermal insulation value0.037W/mK
            Minimum can temperature+5°C
            Minimum underground temperature5°C
            processing temperature5ºC to 30ºC
            temperature resistance-40ºC to +90ºC
            Shelf life* (from filling date)12 months

            In stock
            Delivery in 3 workingdays