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DTS Universal cutting disc



Application areas:
Suitable for all hard materials such as granite, concrete/reinforced concrete and stone, steel, cast iron, synthetic stone, thick glass, as well as trapezoidal sheet metal, copper pipe, aluminium, stainless steel, wood with nails, plastic, PVC and more
A high concentration of industrially manufactured synthetic diamonds is attached to the cut edge of the steel body using a vacuum brazing process
The special segment hardly absorbs frictional heat
Maximum performance without cooling breaks
Fewer disc changes
This extremely hard-wearing diamond tipping enables the processing of many different materials with one disc
For handicraft areas in which constantly changing materials have to be processed
Diamond cutting disc also suitable for fire brigades, THW, rescue teams, demolition companies
Processing instructions
Do not exert strong pressure, only work with the machine's own weight. Increased pressure does not result in any significant work progress, but greatly increased wear. Never use a cutting disc for roughing. Leads to segment fracture and means risk of injury. Wear safety goggles and hearing protection.

In stock
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