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Hammerbohrer SDS plus

application areas
For drilling in (reinforced) concrete, masonry and natural stone
3-edged carbide geometry
Exactly circular bores, important for dowel fastenings and low-vibration operation for reduced stress on the user
Short transition from carbide tip to drill helix
Very good drilling dust removal
3 steep, large-volume turns
Optimum removal of drilling dust
Counteracts heat generation in the drill hole, reduces frictional resistance and increases the service life of the drill
150° point angle with center point
Ensures improved and faster drilling
Wear mark on the carbide
Results in dimensionally accurate drill holes
Shot peened surface of the drill body
Reduces wear on the drill flute
One-piece, welded solid carbide drill head with diameters of 5 mm - 15 mm
Ensures a very good service life, reduced wear with good drilling progress
One-piece, brazed carbide drill head with diameters of 16 mm - 28 mm
For good power transmission from the rotary hammer to the drill bit
When using long drills, it is advisable to drill with a short drill of the same diameter!

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