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  • 3-cutting-carbide geometry
    • Exactly circular holes, important for dowel fixings and low-vibration running for reduced load of the user
  • Short transition from carbide tip to drill helix
    • Very good drilling dust removal
  • 3 steep, large-volume turns
    • Optimal removal of the drilling dust
    • Counteracts heat build-up in the borehole, reduces frictional resistance and increases the life of the drill
  • 150 ° point angle with center point
    • Provides improved and faster drilling
  • Wear mark on carbide
    • Makes true to size holes
  • Shot blasted surface of the drill body
    • Reduces the wear on the drill spiral
  • One-piece, brazed carbide drill head with diameters 16 mm - 28 mm
    • Ensures a very good and direct energy transfer from the hammer drill to the drill
  • 4-piece soldered carbide drill head with diameters 30 mm - 42 mm
    • Emerging stresses during drilling can be better absorbed and the load can be better distributed

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