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Impact plug 5mm

  • High quality, kink-proof industrial nylon
    • Resistant to weathering, aging
    • Resistant to chemical agents
    • Halogen free
  • Fast assembly by simply hammering the screw nail
  • Impact fuse
    • Prevents premature expansion of the anchor
    • Screwnail can unscrew completely
  • Barrier-ribs on the shaft prevent co-rotation of the plug
    • For tightness in the component
    • In order to stabilize the head
  • Distinctive rib profile in the terminal area ensures high separation values
    • Ribs after the barb principle for good compression and high separation values
    • Tapered shank in connection
  • Shape of head nail and dowels are matched for a tight fit without turn continues
  • Galvanized expansion nail ensures a secure grip and easy unscrewing
  • Drive screwnail: Ø 5 and 6 mm = Pozidriv Gr. 2, Ø 8 mm = Pozidriv Gr. 3
  • Installation marking facilitates the selection of the appropriate anchor
  • Threaded head for plumbing and electrical trade

Application: For fixing lath substructures, skirting boards, cable ducts, paneling, flashings .; for all hard and solid building materials, eg. as concrete, sand-lime brick, solid brick, granite, aerated concrete, etc.

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