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Wood construction screw

Application areas
Wood connections of all kinds, constructions, planking, fitting assembly, dowel processing, ...
With European Technical Approval ETA-12 / 0521
Maximum safety even with small dimensions
Thread rolled out to the tip with a steep lead angle
Fast bite with little effort for effortless screwing
One-handed overhead screwing is also possible
No surface damage caused by tumbling and milling movements
Counter-linear chipbreaker
Reduces the splitting effect of the wood
Enables small edge and center distances
No time-consuming pre-drilling (depending on the material)
No milling out when processing the dowel
Optimized entry thread with steep thread flanks
Increased pull-out values due to deep threads
Lower screwing forces / torque, which avoids screw breakage and protects tools
For use in wood and dowels
High-quality anti-friction coating
Reduces friction
Reduces torque
End mill at the thread run-out
Expands the screw channel for the shaft
Friction of the shaft in the screw channel is reduced
Tools are spared
Cracks in wood and wood-based materials are avoided
Torque reduction
Two-stage transition from shank to head
Impact impulse when the head hits the surface is minimized
Reduces the risk of head tearing off
Crescent-shaped milling / rolling pockets
Ideal material displacement
Clean countersinking in wood and wooden materials
Perfect surface finish
Excellent for hardware assembly
Hardly any abrasion of coatings
Plant-optimized drive concept
Faster work due to fewer bit changes
Specially coordinated manufacturing tolerances for screw and bit
Optimum power transmission of the DoTec 3.0 in connection with the PaKo bit
Accurate fit of the bit
Reduced tumbling behavior
Minimal wear and tear
blue passivated
Processing instructions
Minimum screw-in depth: 4 x thread outer Ø, recommended screw-in depth 8 x thread outer-Ø

In stock
Delivery in 3 workingdays