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Chain spray

Application areas;

CARAMBA high-performance chain spray has a high penetrating capacity, is throw-off and splash-proof. It is temperature-resistant from -40 ° C to + 200 ° C and offers an optimal lubricating effect even at high pressure. CARAMBA high-performance chain spray is suitable for O-, X- and Z-rings.
Lubricates chains, springs, joints, slide rails and shafts; protects against wear and corrosion.
Excellent adhesion to chains
Reliably protects against wear and corrosion and lubricates permanently
Extreme lubricating properties
VKA good load DIN 51350: 1900N
Spin-proof and splash-proof
Temperature range: -40 ° C to + 200 ° C
Very high creep ability
Also reaches inaccessible places
Suitable for O, X and Z rings
Fully synthetic, colorless fat
Processing instructions
Clean chains (e.g. with BTI metal and brake cleaner) and allow to dry. Spray the product evenly. Wait 10 minutes before commissioning.

Do not use a cold cleaner for cleaning. Do not spray CARAMBA high-performance chain spray on tires.
Please note the safety text on the aerosol can!
Further information on the aerosol range

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