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Seal remover


  • Ideal for removing address and product labels, price tags, identification labels, adhesive residues from film labels, etc. from hard, non-absorbent substrates. Areas of application are eg containers, machines, barrels and canisters, shelves etc.
    • Also removes tree resin and fresh, not yet dried paint mist (acrylic paints).
      • Can be used on glass, metal, paint, foil, plastic and other smooth surfaces.
        • Cleans with orange extracts and leaves a pleasant scent.
          • Approved by the NSF as an Adhesive Remover for use in food-processing areas in category K3 (NSF registration number 148472), provided that direct contact with food is avoided.

            Processing Instructions

            Spray paper labels over the entire surface and plastic stickers from the edge with CARAMBA high-performance special solver and leave to work for two minutes. Briefly spray on adhesive residue and fresh paint mist and after a few seconds wipe with a cloth. Repeat if necessary. When used in food processing areas, all food and packaging materials must first be removed from these areas or carefully covered. After application of the product, additionally rinse the treated surfaces thoroughly with a surfactant solution (eg detergent solution) and rinse with clear water. Only expose foods or their packaging materials to the area where the product was used

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