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Sub-category one: Drain fittings - Multiple water drain fittings. Various sizes available in white or grey.

Sub-category two
: Multi-layer system - If you are looking for superior quality water and/or gas fittings, click on the second category. Here you will find a range of fittings by Giacomini Spa, a popular Italian brand. 

The story of the brand

The colours and the font in which “Giacomini” is written, along with the logo, have remained the same over the years, and are universally recognised.

In 2013, we wanted to send out a powerful message signifying change, with the new pay-off Water E-motion, which can be explained as follows:

  • WATER: consistent with the Giacomini brand image (Aquarius: a woman pouring water from an amphora) and suggesting hydronic solutions
  • E: universally recognised symbol denoting energy
  • MOTION: communicates our intention to move towards the future
  • E-MOTION: symbolises the attention that Giacomini dedicates to the end users of their systems

New Brand Architecture

Together with the revamping of our logo, we revisited our brand architecture, identifying six key business areas:

  • Energy Management
  • Radiant Systems
  • Water Management
  • Gas Distribution
  • Renewable Sources
  • Fire Protection

Please do visit the section Business Areas  to find a specific focus on each area.