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Multilayer Pipe

Technical data
The PEX-b/AI/PEX-b multilayer pipe can be used for:
• the distribution of hot and cold water for sanitary use
• the creation of radiant panel heating and cooling systems
• the creation of traditional heating systems
• systems with heating elements in cast iron, aluminium or steel

The R999 multilayer pipe consists of an internal layer of PEX-b (cross-linked polyethylene), an intermediate layer of aluminium welded longitudinally (head-head) with laser technology, and an external layer of white PEX-b. The intermediate layers of adhesive evenly join the layer of aluminium to the layers of PEX-b. The aluminium layer, welded head-head with laser technology, guarantees a firm barrier against oxygen and other gases, and also provides the product with excellent crush resistance. On the basis of current regulations, the PEX-b/ Al/PEX-b multilayer pipe is suitable for carrying drinking water


R999Y184 32 x 3 

R999GY140 40 x 3,5 

R999GY150 50 x 4 


Product Code Size Pack Single 
R999Y122 16 x 2 100 

R999Y12416 X 2500 

R999Y142 20 x 2 100 -

R999Y173 26 x 3 50 -
R999Y183 32 x 3 50 

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