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Sub-category one: Pumps - If you are looking for superior quality water pumps, click on the first category. Here you will find a range of pumps by Davey, a well-known Australian brand.

Davey offers a range of water related services from water transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration; to help ensure your products are built to last. You can Depend on Davey, every time. Water is our world.
For 85 years so far, Davey has been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance people’s lives. Whether you need perfect pressure, healthy drinking water, protection from fire and flood, a clean, relaxing pool or spa, or water to run your farm or business, you can depend on Davey for the right solution.

Sub-category two:
Test-pumps - If you are looking for superior quality test pumps, click on the second category. Here you will find test pumps by Virax, a well known French brand.


VIRAX has established its reputation as a reference tool manufacturer for pipe maintenance and installation professionals. Both in fluid and gas applications, for almost a century! With more than 2,500 products in its catalogue and over 10,000 references produced, VIRAX is currently the leader in France and number 4 in the European market.

Over 70% of our product range is industrialised in our 20,000 m² plant in Champagne region. As our tools are often used in harsh conditions, we build them to last using premium materials and the best industrial solutions available.

On this basis, we are comfortable to offer a year warranty on all Virax products.


Sub-category three: Switches - If you are looking for flow switches and/or pressure switches, click on the third category. Here you will come across superior quality switches by Italtecnica, a well known Italian brand.

Italtecnica sets the standard in the plumbing and heating sector thanks to more than 30 years of experience in developing electric pump control systems for domesticagricultural and light industry use. The Italtecnica brand is recognised throughout the world as both a synonym and guarantee of high quality.The people who work at the company every day are what make it exceptional. The men and women at Italtecnica put the values of enthusiasm, teamwork and energy into the company's products and decisions each day.The corporate philosophy places the focus on people: the growth of personnel, customer service, installation assistance and respect for the final user.

Our continuing investments in the field of Research & Development ensure that our products are always innovative and constantly evolving.