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Water Heaters

Sub-category One: Gas water heaters - If you are looking for superior quality gas water heaters, click on the first category. Here you will find Superior quality Gas water heaters by Vaillant, a popular German brand.

 General information: The atmoMAG appliances are delivered ready for connection.They only need to be connected to the pipesand the flue system. They are designed to supply one ormore extraction points, such as wash basins, showersand bathtubs, with hot water. 

The appliances must be fitted to a flue system with anatural draught (chimney).They have a low-maintenance piezo ignition device forpilot burners.All gas instantaneous water heaters have a flue gas sensorwhich stops the gas supply to the burner in theevent of a problem.The gas instantaneous water heaters have a safety thermostatwhich prevents further use of the appliance ifthe heater element overheats.The appliances can be adapted to the type of gas available.To convert your appliance to a different type of gas,please consult your heating engineer.After installing the appliance, your heating engineernoted its exact designation in the installation manual, inTable 9.2 with reference to the gas type used.(Ask us for the full PDF file if interested).

 Special product featuresYou can pres-elect the maximum performance of theappliance according to your needs on ten levels between50% and 100%. At around the pres-elected performancelevel, the gas quantity is smoothly adapted to the quantityof water flowing.This feature provides the following benefits:– The appliance only consumes as much gas as is currentlyrequired. This maintains a constant temperaturein the entire extraction area of the appliance.– Any thermostat mixers and single-lever mixers can beused.– The appliances can also be used to supply consumerswith low extraction volumes, such as bidets, becausehot water can be drawn at a constant temperature involumes as little as 2.2 litres per minute.

Sub-category two: Electrical storage water heaters - If you are looking for superior quality electrical water heaters, click on the second category. Here you will find a range of water heaters belonging to Eldom Invest, a popular Bulgarian brand.

ELDOMINVEST OOD – Bulgaria was established in 1987. The company has in these 34 years won recognition as one of the most successful enterprises in Bulgaria, having become the national leader in the electrical household and gas appliances, with a market share of over 70%.
The factory is located in the industrial estate of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria and second in industrial development pace after the capital city of Sofia.
The total area of all three ELDOMINVEST production facilities is 50,000 square meters, with 540 highly qualified professionals working at the company.
The company annual production capacity comes up to 600,000 appliances.
The ELDOMINVEST owned machines and assembly lines comprise part of new and modern production equipment complying with contemporary technology requirements. All processes are being strictly controlled by ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 certified quality control system. 

High quality materials and supplies certified following the European regulations are put into the end product manufacture. Along with this, production high quality is also guaranteed by the efforts of the engineering and technical professionals at the company engineering and technological and designing department. The staff at ELDOMINVEST is capable to develop any instrumental and production equipment, technological equipment and products to meet clients’ specific requirements.
The project and after-project tests are performed in the company own laboratory. This way it takes 6 months from assignment by client until the new product market realization, thus closing production cycle.