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Vulcan Products

Sub-category oneVulcan products - If you are looking for a solution to your hard water problems, click on the first category. Here you will come across a superior quality De-scaler that is ECO-FRIENDLY and SAVES COSTS around your home by CWT, a very well known German company.

Christiani Wassertechnik (CWT) in Germany

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH (CWT) has been developing physical water treatment systems against limescale and rust since 1977. CWT is one of the oldest manufacturers of physical water treatment systems in the world.

The family-run business’ headquarter is in Berlin, Germany. CWT has more than 40 years of experience with eco-friendly water treatment. The products are manufactured in Germany and are available in over 70 countries. This knowledge together with the high quality standard and genuine customer service accounts for the lasting success of the business.

Water treatment system against hard water problems

Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that prevents limescale build-up and rust. The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology works on the principle of physical water treatment. Electronic impulses modify the crystallization process of the liquid calcium, so the hard limescale loses its adhesiveness. The technology works only with capacitive electric impulses:

eco-friendly Vulcan

Vulcan Benefits

No salt or chemicals


For pipe diameters up to 40″

Works on every pipe material

10 years warranty

Saving money and energy

Calmat keeps pipes and electrical appliances clean, protects new pipes and sanitizes older ones.
Vulcan 3000 36V - Private Line
Vulcan 3000 36V - Private Line
The Vulcan Private Line devices have been designed to protect the piping system in private houses andsmall commercial equipment, such as coffee machines and dish washers. These units can easily beinstalled within a few minutes.
Vulcan 5000
Vulcan 5000
The Electronic Anti-Scale System.10 years warranty.