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Ecofriendly descaler

Maximum capacity 8000 l/h
(35 gpm)
pipe diameter
50 mm
Voltage 24 Volt
Wattage 2.0 Watt
Impulse cable
Band width
2 x 2 m (2 x 79")
10 mm (0.4")
(electronic unit)
150/90/30 mm
Frequency range 3-32 kHz
Required space 350 mm
Programs 1
Electronic Switching
power supply unit
In 87-260 Volt
50-60 Hz
Out 24 Volt
600 mA

Vulcan is a chemical free water treatment system, which uses the Vulcan-Impulse-Technology to treat the water physically. By doing this, Vulcan changes the crystallization process of liquid calcium, making it loose its adhesive power. Vulcan uses only electronic impulses to treat the water: no salt or chemicals are needed. Finally, it offers an eco-friendly and additive free alternative to water softeners

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