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water treatment

CLEVER ultrafiltration equipment for water treatment

Dimensions: 22 x 21.5 x 31.5 cm

CLEVER have recently introduced their Pure ultrafiltration equipment for water which employs the latest in water treatment technology and offers a number of important advantages. Using cutting-edge technology together with an ultra-modern design CLEVER now offer a well-designed COMPACT product.
CLEVER Pure system contains four specialised cartridge filters, which filter out particles, sediment, rust and sand. Two special pre and post-carbon filters absorb chlorine and remaining small particles, removing any unpleasant odour and/or taste. The final ultrafiltration cartridge, removes other impurities, including tiny organisms and bacteria.
Unlike reverse osmosis systems, the CLEVER pure water filtration system runs on mains water pressure and does not require a booster pump, so NO water is WASTED at all!
CLEVER Pure preserves all the important minerals, which is a very important advantage.
CLEVER Pure is very easy to install as it does not require any electrical supply. A special built-in indicator displays the status of the cartridges.

Feel free to email us on bmsltdmalta@gmail.com for further information.

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