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Multilayer system

Our philosophy

“Building the future is much less risky than defending the past”
(Peter Drucker)

This quote accurately sums up the philosophy behind our approach to innovation and research. We believe that an ongoing focus on the creation of new products, technologies, services and markets is the key ingredient to the prosperity of our company. However, this does not mean disregarding our roots, or not paying attention to the present. On the contrary, we believe that successful innovation can only be founded on the enhancement of these roots and on the pragmatic analysis of the results that they produce.

Goals for the future

In the coming years our effort in research and innovation will be further enhanced, thanks to the launch of new products, the investment in new modular and flexible production machinery, the transition to fully eco-responsible components, the industrialization of technology based on our hydrogen climatization, an area in which we are already at the forefront. In addition to this, in order to enhance our ability to innovate we have initiated partnerships with prestigious research centers internationally renowned such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the PSI in Zurich, the University of Geneva, the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin, the Universities of Milano-Bicocca and Palermo.

Our Group is focused on the future, we work with a long-term perspective and a go-getter attitude, to constantly improve in the interests of our customers.

To distribute drinking water, our most precious resource, we provide hygienic and high quality system which meet the highest standards both nationally and internationally. Pipes, connections, manifolds, and shut-off valves: everyone needs to create the perfect system in the construction and restoration of any building. Systems with maximum hygienic safety, reliable and easy to install, to guarantee a long-lasting supply of drinking water.


  • Safety, reliability and protection of health guaranteed over time by all the principal components of the system
  • Warranty of a single manufacturer
  • Reduction to a minimum of the maintenance costs, due to the great reduction in corrosion and incrustation. 

Multigas distribution system Multigas is the result of our lengthy experience in the production of articles for the chased distribution of fuel gas in the domestic environment. This system takes full advantage of the peculiarities of multilayer pipes - the unquestionable stars of the system range in recent years. Apart from pipes in various diameters, the system also includes a vast assortment of multipress fittings as well as other specific components for gas distribution.